Windows on the APIs – New Lab Available Now

Blog - Windows on the APIs

In the past month or two we’ve published a couple of introductory labs. Based on PHP and Python, they’re a great intro into using the Nutanix APIs and can be found on the Nutanix Developer Portal Labs page. But … what if you aren’t a PHP or Python developer? We’ve just published a intro new lab that will appeal to the Windows developers out there. Based on Microsoft C# and Visual Studio Community Edition, you’ll start from a completely empty project and end up with a Windows Forms application that talks to the Nutanix REST APIs. It will demonstrate:

  • Code that integrates a C# Windows Forms app with the Nutanix REST APIs
  • A quick demo of a GET request, showing your Nutanix cluster’s name and version (API v2.0)
  • A demo of a POST request, listing all VMs on a cluster (API v3)

When all is said and done, the resulting application looks like this (click to see full size):

C# Windows Forms Lab – Form Layout

The lab is ready now and available here: C# API Lab. Go! 🙂