Make the most of your Xi IoT Trial

Today, I believe that I speak for the entire Xi IoT team when I say that I’m proud to announce the release of the official Xi IoT Trial. The trial stands on the foundation of our latest platform release that delivers a wealth of new functionality for our customers.

Xi IoT now provides pre-built applications and data sources hosted on its own infrastructure so new users can get started very quickly. These applications and data sources demonstrate how to quickly develop and test IoT applications in the cloud, but best of all, they deploy exactly the same way to the edge when you’re ready.

What’s in the Xi IoT Trial?

  1. Xi IoT management console, which provides the base for your Xi IoT trial.
  2. A Starter project that includes:
  • You (the project user).
  • Xi Edge stack, connected and ready to go: no cluster or bare-metal resources required on your part.
  • YouTube-8M application, just waiting for your YouTube-8M video URL.
  • Xi IoT Sensor smartphone app, if you want to use your own video instead of YouTube-8M.

What are some of the things you can do with the Xi IoT Trial?

  • Stream from a YouTube-8M video or your smartphone’s camera to the Xi Cloud edge.
  • Automatically run containerized apps to perform object detection on your video.
  • Stream the results back to the Xi IoT console or your smartphone, with detected objects highlighted in your video.

Begin your journey today by following our step-by-step guide.