Number 5 is alive! (Calm Lab)

Number 5 is alive Calm Lab

Ok so it’s technically number 6, but who can forget that iconic line? 🙂

Today’s quick post introduces the latest lab to join the Nutanix Developer Portal labs lineup! The lab, named Calm Lab 1.0, is aimed squarely at getting exposure to Nutanix Calm, including how you, our developer community, could integrate your scripts directly into a Nutanix Calm application. The lab builds a complete 3-tier web application that runs code cloned from GitHub, a very common practice in application deployment methodologies.

This lab comes directly from our Technical Enablement Team and is the same content we ourselves use. It offers you the chance to get the same exposure that we give to new team members, partners and customers. Huge thanks to the Nutanix GTE team, especially the legendary Nathan Cox, for allowing us to publish the lab here!