Rinse & Repeat (Cloud-Init Lab)

Rinse and repeat

The labs on the Nutanix Developer portal, up until now, have covered a few things. Nutanix products like Calm, technical subjects such as API usage (Python, C#, PHP), to name a few.

Today’s quick lab introduces the use of Nutanix Acropolis and Cloud-Init together. By following this lab, you will learn how to deploy VMs in a predictable, repeatable and automated way. The main point, of course, is why would you do something manually when you can “click a button” and automate it?

We’ll use an existing image to create our VMs and add a Cloud-Init YAML spec to specify how that VM should be configured after the initial creation. The process is simple, efficient and can potentially save a lot of time in later deployments.

Nutanix CALM DSL LAB 1.0


Have you wanted to learn the Nutanix Calm DSL, but haven't been sure where to start?
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