BEAM me up, Nutanix Devs!


It is becoming a pattern for me to begin blog posts this way, but one of the things we regularly discuss with our customers is the cost of “the cloud”. How much does it really cost? Perhaps the friendly-looking featured image piggy bank is suffering from a bit of bill shock?

In all seriousness, however, the cost of running and managing infrastructure certainly isn’t something to be taken lightly. The real costs are a subject for another day, but there will always be a need for you, our developer community, to tap into that information. At the simplest level this could be displaying or accessing that information via:

  • Custom dashboards
  • Report generation
  • Integration into third-party analysis tools

Nutanix Xi Beam APIs

With those examples in mind, today’s quick post is to announce the general availability of Nutanix Xi Beam APIs and API documentation. Colleagues much smarter than I describe Nutanix Xi Beam as follows:

Automate Cloud Security Compliance and Cost Optimization.
Take control of your public and private cloud environments with Xi Beam. Easily identify and fix cloud security vulnerabilities and cost leaks in multi-cloud environments.

Source: Nutanix Xi Beam product page

If you’re in a position where tapping into Nutanix Xi Beam “in code” is required, today’s your day. The Nutanix Xi Beam API documentation is available immediately by heading over to the API Reference page on the Nutanix Developer Portal.

Have a great day! 🙂