New Automation Lab! Nutanix Calm REST APIs

New Automation Lab! Nutanix Calm REST APIs

Today’s new lab is one that’s been bubbling away for some time. Readers of will know we have labs covering various topics, including:

However, from a lab perspective we’ve not yet talked about how to automate Nutanix Calm itself i.e. take the orchestration efficiency of Calm and automate the automation.

The latest lab is aimed at exactly that. Throughout the lab we’ll go from what could be an empty instance of Nutanix Calm, create a simple but functional application blueprint, add some post-deployment actions and then automate the execution of those executions via Nutanix Calm REST APIs.

The intention is to show how Calm could be integrated almost anywhere that can call a REST API and consume the results of those calls. Whether that be a script, an application or a third-party tool, you’ll learn how to setup the API requests that would make this possible.

You don’t need to be a Nutanix Calm expert to do this lab; we’ll walk you through configuring the requirements within Calm so that each step can be easily completed.

So, without any more messing about, please join us in taking the latest lab: Nutanix Calm API Lab 1.0.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 🙂