Updated Labs + general labs update


The Nutanix.dev labs page has been overhauled and should now be much easier to navigate. Labs have been reorganised with links to each category and each lab now has its own page with detailed information.

PHP API Lab update

Aside from the labs page itself, some time ago we published one of our first labs. That lab covered creating a customised dashboard using PHP 5 and Laravel 5. Depending on your position, both PHP 5 and Laravel 5 could be considered outdated or deprecated, so it made sense to update the related lab. The old lab also covered a dashboard that reported on Prism Element information.

We just published the latest iteration of this lab. The changes are as follows:

  • The underlying lab is based on PHP 7.2
  • The app framework has been upgraded to Laravel 6
  • Both above changes are the latest version of each, respectively
  • The dashboard info now comes from Prism Central, instead of Prism Element
    • This gives us access to environment-wide info, instead of single-cluster info

Here’s what the lab’s dashboard will look like, when you’ve finished creating it:

Screenshot of dashboard after completed lab

If you would like to go directly to the new lab’s info page, please feel free to use the excessively large button below. Lol.

If you are new to the Nutanix APIs and labs, the resources below may be of interest to you (all links will open in a new window).

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 🙂