New APIs for Foundation Central

New APIs for Foundation Central

Quick one today. 🙂

Nutanix Foundation, often one of the first Nutanix tools customers see, has long been the deployment mechanism for Nutanix clusters. At the simplest level, Foundation:

  • Deploys Nutanix cluster nodes using the customer’s chosen hypervisor
  • Creates a cluster from chosen or specified nodes

There have been Foundation APIs available for some time, but as with the original Foundation tool itself, these were aimed at controlling a single Foundation instance.

With the release of AOS 5.17, Prism Central now provides access to Foundation Central. Instead of describing it in my own words, take a quick look at this excerpt from the AOS 5.17 release article:

Foundation Central automates the AOS installation process for large and geographically dispersed deployments by enabling deployment from a central location without the need for a specialized skillset or advanced knowledge of the Nutanix ecosystem.


For those large-scale deployments and multi-site deployments this is a huge deal.

Foundation Central API Documentation

The functions of Foundation Central aside for now (I promised today’s article would be a quick one, after all), consider how important deployment centralisation can be to developers and deployment & automation engineers. How would you go about automating your deployments beyond what Foundation itself offers?

The answer is simple, thanks to an extensive set of Foundation Central APIs that have been released along with Foundation Central itself.

In an upcoming article we’ll dig a little further into using Foundation Central but, for now, please be aware of the Foundation Central API documentation that is available immediately.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!