Quick Code Sample Update

Quick Code Sample Update

Quick one today! This week the Nutanix.dev Code Samples have been extended with a new sample type – JSON Payloads. These samples are intended to be used in conjunction with:

  • Postman for API testing
  • Custom user scripts or applications that submit Nutanix API requests
  • Integrations between Nutanix products exposing APIs and third-party applications that need to remotely “control” Nutanix products

Why do this?

It’s quite common for the Nutanix community to ask for some assistance with formatting their JSON payloads. While the Nutanix API Reference documentation does provide some examples, tested and working complete examples can be very helpful. That’s what this collection is for.

Intended Audience

If you are new to API testing or scripts that utilise/submit API requests, it is strongly recommended to read the accompanying article titled “So many variables! How I test Nutanix APIs with Postman”. It is a detailed walk-through of how I use Postman to work with APIs and, while it may not be an exhaustive guide, it does cover the getting started basics. In particular, it is suggested to take note of the sections covering collections and collection variables. You’ll see extensive use of these throughout the JSON Payload code samples, indicated by “{{placeholder}}” variables.

I hope these samples come in useful – thanks for reading and have a great day! 🙂