Xi IoT is now Karbon Platform Services for IoT

Xi IoT is now Karbon Platform Services for IoT

As of version 2.1 (September 2020), the Nutanix edge computing platform that delivers local compute and converges the edge and cloud for real-time business insights is renamed to Karbon Platform Services for IoT. This change reflects a natural product evolution to support multiple new PaaS services with simple application and infrastructure lifecycle management across any cloud.

The impact to current customers is minimal, as this is a product name change only and there is no impact to existing functionality. Cosmetically, when browsing to https://iot.nutanix.com, the UI indicates Karbon Platform Services for IoT instead of Xi IoT. All other Nutanix references to the product, on both product and support pages, also now read Karbon Platform Services.

For any questions, please contact your account team, or the Nutanix IoT team directly at iot@nutanix.com


Q. Why did Xi IoT change?

A. Nutanix believes that customers deserve rich, secure, managed, PaaS services not just for IoT at the edge, but across multiple clouds, applications, and use cases. The introduction of new services for additional use cases requires that the platform itself have a more representative name. CaaS, FaaS, and Data Pipeline services continue to enable IoT use cases with support for purpose-built edge hardware platforms.

Q. What is Karbon Platform Services?

A. Karbon Platform Services is a Kubernetes based multi-cloud PaaS that enables rapid development and deployment of microservices-based applications ranging from simple stateful containerized applications to complex AI, IoT and hybrid applications across any cloud. It allows business leaders to accelerate the path to innovation by launching new products and services with greater velocity. The services in the diagram below are available as of v2.1 (September 2020).

Q. Can existing customers utilize new services available as part of Karbon Platform Services?

A. Yes. All new services are available post Service Domain v2.1 upgrade. Please reach out to your Nutanix account team to discuss licensing new service options.

Q. What happens to current Xi IoT support?

A. Support continues as currently subscribed. Support documentation and other references use Karbon Platform Services terminology.