Introducing Karbon Platform Services

Introducing Karbon Platform Services v2

It is my pleasure to announce the launch and GA of  Karbon Platform Services – a Kubernetes based multi-cloud PaaS. (Press Release)

Welcome to Karbon Platform Services

KPS delivers a true SaaS Control Plane, a single pane of glass, to manage life cycle of multi-cloud infrastructure and business critical apps. It introduces concept of a “Service Domain”, a powerful abstraction, that enables customers to deploy rich set of platform services on any cloud infrastructure but still, lets them interact with the platform with its consistent APIs and User Interface across disparate cloud infrastructures.

To get you started, we’ve included following platform services — Always ON with 1-Click enablement!

  • Application Runtime: {Containers as a Service, (Serverless) Functions and Data Pipelines, AI Inferencing}
  • Infrastructure Service: {Kubernetes Clusters}
  • Ingress Controller: {Ngnix, Traefik}
  • Service Mesh: {Istio}
  • Data Streaming and Messaging: {Kafka, NATS}
  • Logging, Monitoring and Alerting: {Prometheus, Log Forwarding to AWS CloudWatch, Audit Trail}
Platform Services — Always On with 1-Click!

Sign in with your existing myNutanix account or Sign up!

Start managing Kubernetes Clusters from Karbon, GKE, EKS, AKS and others … all from a single plane of glass, the SaaS Control Plane!

Start managing Kubernetes Clusters by importing it into SaaS Control Plane
Use Kubernetes Dashboard — a standard management tool from the SaaS control plane

With Kubernetes Clusters imported, deploy workloads/resources directly onto imported Kubernetes clusters. You can control every aspect of your Kubernetes Cluster as allowed by Kubernetes Dashboard. With this approach, you can control every aspect of your Kubernetes Cluster, workloads, services and their life cycle management (Upgrade/Patching, Availability etc)

Alternately, you can deploy “Service Domains” (Each Service Domain comes with a Kubernetes Cluster of its own) with rich set of PaaS services. You can now focus on App’s business logic and let KPS manage all other stuff (Kubernetes, Runtime, Storage, Network, Monitoring Services you need and their life cycle management.)

Deploy Kubernetes Apps with their yamls or Helm charts. 

Manage Apps and their micro-services containers with simple dashboard
Get quick insights into Container Status

Deploy server-less functions (Python/Javascript/Golang) and build data processing pipelines and optionally, send this data to Public Cloud Data Services.

Ingest data from custom data sources, process using server-less functions and publish to private or public cloud data services

Manage (http) Network Traffic with built-in Ingress Controller and Istio Service.

Enable Nginx or Traefik as Ingress Controllers (nginx is displayed here in this picture.)

Take full advantage of Istio’s Service Mesh capabilities — A/B Testing, Canary and Blue/Green Deployments, Non-disruptive rolling upgrades and many more.

Don’t package and manage Kafka, just turn it on with 1-Click. Use standard Kafka clients to do Pub/Sub.

Gain insights into your app-metrics by allowing Prometheus Instance to scrape metrics endpoints of your app. Use standard Grafana dashboard to visualize them!

Use Audit Trails to track when did ‘that’ happen? who did it?

View real time logs for any application container running on any Service Domain on any cloud

.. or send all the application logs to AWS Cloudwatch for setting up alerts/notifications.

… and here comes the best part, get all of the above Platform Services on any cloud… ! 

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Deploy PaaS on Nutanix AOS, vmware ESXi, AWS, Azure, GCP or Baremetal Servers

If you think this is compelling enough to give it a try, sign in or sign up for a free trial account and experience it for yourself or reach out to us at “kps at” and let’s talk!

To learn more about the platform, visit Karbon Platform Services Product Page.