New Media from the Nutanix DevOps Marketing Team

Nutanix Developer Marketing Videos

Towards the end of 2020, the Nutanix DevOps Marketing team went live for the first time! What does this mean? Simply, we jumped on the live streaming platform and created NutanixDevLIVE, our first dedicated streaming channel!

With 2020 being what it was, it became obvious that multiple mediums for content “distribution” were required, as well as the places you’ve become used to so far i.e. itself as well as our Twitter feed at @NutanixDevs.

You might ask yourself, though – what will you and have you been streaming? Great question! That’s the topic of today’s quick post.

Nutanix.Dev Live! – Live Stream

To make sure our community doesn’t miss out on any of our live streams, the schedule is simple. Every other Wednesday at 15:00 Pacific Standard Time (bi-weekly), the NutanixDevLIVE stream will broadcast technology-related, developer-focused content. Hosted by Alex Sanchez, our team’s bright and cheery User Researcher and resident live streaming expert and often accompanied by technology experts from within Nutanix, we’ve already streamed the following topics.

  • An intro to our Udacity Nanodegree (this is a really interesting one if you’re looking for a way to get certified with Nutanix)
  • Cloudifying your Databases
  • HCI for Devs

Past Content

The next logical question may be – “I missed a stream. Can I watch it again later?” The answer is “Yep!” On, we have two ways you can keep up with our live content.

  • Our new Videos page, where we’ll post recordings of our past NutanixDevLIVE streams, you can also find past keynotes, and other small tech videos we have created for you.
  • Our new Live page, where you can watch the stream itself. This is an embedded version of the streams as they happen, meaning will not only host the content, but provide quick access to other content Alex might mention throughout a current stream. Our live stream page will also host handy links to parts of Nutanix.Dev that are discussed in the stream for easy reference.

What’s next?

As I write this on Tuesday February 2nd 2021, our next stream is only a couple of days away. I’m in Australia so it’s still Monday for Alex right now. 🙂 This Wednesday’s topic will be “HCI for Devs, Part 3.” I would strongly recommend checking out parts 1 and 2 of this series if you haven’t already. Where? Yep, on our Videos page!

We would love to see you join us in our next live stream at 1500 PST on Wednesday. Alex and her guests welcome questions at any time during our streams, so come along and don’t be shy! See you there. 🙂