What’s New in AOS 5.19 Podcast

Quick one today! 🙂

On Friday February 5th, members of the Nutanix Technical Marketing Engineering team ran a live podcast to discuss the new features of the recently-released AOS 5.19. These podcasts are really recommended as they are a chance to listen to some of our most senior people talk about the new features in a candid and casual way. Check out the podcast here:

Aside from a number of big-fixes and updates, various new features were made available in the 5.19 family of AOS releases. While I would suggest reading the official release notes for the full list (linked below), here are some of the highlights from the release notes.

  • Multi-site replication with Xi Leap
  • Enhanced Storage Capacity Reporting
  • Native Key manager for ROBO Clusters

As mentioned above, the full list of updates, fixes and new features is available in the AOS 5.19 Family Release Notes. Please note a My Nutanix account is required to view these release notes, though.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 🙂