Video – Learn how to automate your operations (Part 2)

Good morning! Or evening, depending where you are. 🙂

This past Wednesday at 1500 PST, Alex and Mark from the DevOps Marketing team at Nutanix hosted our latest NutanixDevLIVE Twitch stream! It was titled “Learn how to automate your operations (Part 2)” and covered a whole list of really interesting topics.

  • Automating the launch of a custom-built application via Nutanix Calm
  • Launching post-deployment actions via API, enabling almost any task to be run on a VM after it is up and running
  • Using the Nutanix Calm REST APIs to monitor and analyse the entire application launch workflow

If you have been watching our Videos page, you’ll notice the live stream video-on-demand version has already been posted, and can be consumed here.

However, for those that want to watch the stream or may have already watched it, a number of references were mentioned during the stream. Here’s a complete a list of all references so you don’t miss out on anything!

If the NutanixDevLIVE Twitch stream isn’t something you’ve seen yet, we highly encourage you to check it out! The streams are at 1500 PST every second Wednesday. Join us next time on NutanixDevLIVE!

Thanks for reading and have a great day. 🙂