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In the past few months we’ve had a number of different things happen on Nutanix.dev. Given that some of them were announced by individual articles and some weren’t, now is a great time to provide a quick update of what those updates were. Hopefully there’s something useful for you in this list! Please note these items are in no particular order.

Terraform Resources

In mid April 2021, we welcomed Gaby Beitler, Senior Systems Engineer at Nutanix, to Nutanix.dev! Gaby wrote an excellent article on using the latest Nutanix Terraform provider, along with in-depth instructions on how to get started with it. At the same time, Yannick Struyf, Senior Systems Engineer at Nutanix, provided a detailed and easy-to-follow code sample and Terraform configuration repository for readers to use with the article. These resources are available below:

If the name Yannick Struyf sounds familiar, you’re right! In April 2020 Yannick wrote a detailed and in-depth look at Installing and Configuring the Nutanix Calm plugin for ServiceNow. Check it out!

Google Anthos

Starting with a recent Twitch.tv live stream, Jose Gomez, Technical Marketing Engineer at Nutanix, took us through an important announcement. This announcement covered the release of Google Anthos on AHV – really exciting for those looking to get into or those already using Kubernetes!

Code Sample Update

The Nutanix.dev Code Samples section now has almost 50 different code samples for you to use. Covering languages and scripting technologies such as Python, PowerShell and Microsoft C# (to name just a few), there’s a good chance that one of our live code samples can help you get started with developing on Nutanix. While these code samples are made available to use as you see fit, please note they are unofficial from a support perspective and should be examined for usage suitability before being used in any environment.

Labs Update

Back in 2019 the Nutanix DevOps Marketing team released a couple of new labs. They were aimed at learning how to consume the Nutanix Prism REST APIs using various programming languages and scripts; the two labs being discussed here were written with Python and PHP in mind. Both the Python and PHP labs have now been updated to cover similar API consumption but with a specific focus on Nutanix Prism Central. As the primary multi-cluster management interface, as well as the management interface for services provided by Prism Central only (e.g. Nutanix Calm) it is important that developers understand what APIs are available and how to consume those APIs from their chosen technologies.

Live Streams

We understand that it’s not always an option to watch our live streams at the time of broadcast. With that in mind, we’ve made sure all live streams are available to watch on demand at any time, usually within 24-48 hours of the live stream itself. All videos are complete streams and are available to watch at your leisure:

And don’t forget …

The Nutanix.dev official API Reference! All publicly available and documented Nutanix REST APIs are available here – it is strongly recommended that those new to the Nutanix REST APIs start here and have this resource handy during integration, app and script development.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this update has provided a good insight into the latest resources available on Nutanix.dev.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 🙂