Fast-tracking Persistent Storage in OpenShift - Fast-tracking Persistent Storage in OpenShift

Nutanix Files, Volumes, and certified CSI Operator for OpenShift make persistent storage simpler for administrators.

By Christophe Jauffret

Freedom of choice– especially when it comes to cloud native technologies– is paramount for enterprise organizations, and is a key driver of Nutanix’s recently-announced strategic partnership with Red Hat. Red Hat Openshift, the leading Enterprise container management and DevOps platform, is now fully supported on the Nutanix Cloud Platform, giving cloud native organizations the option of building their Kubernetes environments with best-in-class components.

One of the pillars of Nutanix’s industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) architecture is the ability to easily configure and manage data storage in different formats (block, file, object) and via different protocols (iSCSI, NFS, S3, etc.) by integrating advanced features, such as data protection and space-efficient snapshots.

Persistent storage for stateful containers continues to be one of Kubernetes’ biggest challenges for IT operators. The ephemeral nature of containers makes it difficult to persist data, and stateful applications depend on provisioned storage remaining connected to the Pods that host them. Kubernetes offers a standard mechanism for exposing arbitrary block and file storage systems to containerized workloads with its Container Storage Interface (CSI), which fully automates the creation of the persistent volume requested in Kubernetes.

Data management capabilities such as snapshots and cloning are available through the CSI during provisioning, allowing Kubernetes admins to immediately take advantage of the Nutanix Cloud Platform’s fully-integrated storage solutions.

In Red Hat Openshift environments, CSI plug-ins are packaged as operators to simplify their installation and maintenance. 

That’s why we are excited to announce that Nutanix’s CSI operator is now certified with Red Hat Openshift.

The upstream Nutanix CSI driver for Kubernetes has been repackaged, hardened, delivered by Nutanix and certified by Red Hat. The Nutanix CSI Operator for Kubernetes is published in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog and can be directly deployed from the integrated OpenShift OperatorHub (see screenshot below).

Getting Started with Nutanix’s CSI Operator for Red Hat OpenShift

Installing the Nutanix CSI Operator may be performed either via the OpenShift Console or the OpenShift CLI.

How to use the OpenShift Console to install the CSI operator is available in the Nutanix CSI Documentation for OpenShift.

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The Red Hat Openshift certified Nutanix operator for Openshift is available right now. It is fully supported by Nutanix and available for free.

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