Nutanix Calm DSL – Blueprint Launch Parameters

In recent articles I’ve talked a lot about the various things you can do with the Nutanix Calm DSL. The Calm DSL, due to being designed as an SDK, opens up all sorts of possibilities when it comes to automating various types of workflow. Let’s take automation via API for example. It’s a great way […]

From UI to Code – Calm DSL and Blueprint Decompile

Regular readers of will be familiar with the Nutanix Calm DSL. If you haven’t yet taken a dive into the Nutanix Calm DSL, please feel welcome to check out the resources below before moving on. Nutanix Calm DSL on Introducing the Nutanix Calm DSL Isn’t that title backwards? Depending on where you’re standing, […]

Automating Karbon Deployments via API

You might be wondering – why is the featured image for this article a violin? Primarily it’s because I love the image itself (lol) but also because it’s a really nice, abstract way of looking at orchestration in detail. Ok, so that was bad – with that out of the way, let’s jump into today’s […]

Quick Code Sample Update

Quick one today! This week the Code Samples have been extended with a new sample type – JSON Payloads. These samples are intended to be used in conjunction with: Postman for API testing Custom user scripts or applications that submit Nutanix API requests Integrations between Nutanix products exposing APIs and third-party applications that need […]

Nutanix API v3 – Creating a Linux VM with Cloud-Init

In previous weeks I’ve talked a lot about the Nutanix Calm DSL. In conjunction with that, a “home page” of sorts for the Calm DSL was released – a collection of all the articles on that relate to that subject. Today, however, we’re looking at something quite different. While it’s true that the DSL […]

Nutanix Calm Runbooks & API Automation

Earlier this week Nutanix announced the general availability of Calm 3.0.0. This is an exciting release as it introduces some huge improvements to the ways application and host workflow can be managed. To name a few: Image creation directly from Calm i.e. create an AHV image from disk(s) attached to a Calm-managed VM Post-deployment update […]

New APIs for Foundation Central

Quick one today. 🙂 Nutanix Foundation, often one of the first Nutanix tools customers see, has long been the deployment mechanism for Nutanix clusters. At the simplest level, Foundation: Deploys Nutanix cluster nodes using the customer’s chosen hypervisor Creates a cluster from chosen or specified nodes There have been Foundation APIs available for some time, […]

SELECT * FROM api_reference WHERE product = ‘era’;

Quick one today, and no, that title isn’t a typo. It might be terrible SQL, but that’s a discussion for another day. Why have a title like that, though? Because, as of today, Tuesday Wednesday April 29th 2020, the Nutanix Era API documentation is live on! Before going further, there’s a chance readers of […]

Installing and configuring the Nutanix Calm plugin for ServiceNow

Today’s article is a guest post by Yannick Struyf, Nutanix Senior Systems Engineer based in Antwerp, Belgium. As you’ll see below, Yannick has taken a huge amount of time to put together a heavily curated and detailed description of how to install the configure the Nutanix Calm plugin for ServiceNow. This is really exciting content […]

Nutanix Calm DSL – Remote Container Development Part 1

Welcome back to the next instalment of the series I’m calling “stuff about the Calm DSL”. 🙂 In all honesty, the series doesn’t have a title but all the latest articles on have been about the Nutanix Calm DSL, so let’s just go with it. You’ll recall from recent articles that we’ve done a […]


Copy the SSH public key below.  In BASH shell environments, for example, this file could be saved to ~/.ssh/

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