New APIs for Foundation Central

Quick one today. 🙂 Nutanix Foundation, often one of the first Nutanix tools customers see, has long been the deployment mechanism for Nutanix clusters. At the simplest level, Foundation: Deploys Nutanix cluster nodes using the customer’s chosen hypervisor Creates a cluster from chosen or specified nodes There have been Foundation APIs available for some time, […]

SELECT * FROM api_reference WHERE product = ‘era’;

Quick one today, and no, that title isn’t a typo. It might be terrible SQL, but that’s a discussion for another day. Why have a title like that, though? Because, as of today, Tuesday Wednesday April 29th 2020, the Nutanix Era API documentation is live on! Before going further, there’s a chance readers of […]

Installing and configuring the Nutanix Calm plugin for ServiceNow

Today’s article is a guest post by Yannick Struyf, Nutanix Senior Systems Engineer based in Antwerp, Belgium. As you’ll see below, Yannick has taken a huge amount of time to put together a heavily curated and detailed description of how to install the configure the Nutanix Calm plugin for ServiceNow. This is really exciting content […]

Nutanix Calm DSL – Remote Container Development Part 1

Welcome back to the next instalment of the series I’m calling “stuff about the Calm DSL”. 🙂 In all honesty, the series doesn’t have a title but all the latest articles on have been about the Nutanix Calm DSL, so let’s just go with it. You’ll recall from recent articles that we’ve done a […]

Nutanix Calm DSL – Run Custom Actions

In recent articles we’ve covered a few things now. Some of the highlights are: Introducing the Nutanix Calm DSL including launching blueprints Generating VM Provider Specs Creating a custom blueprint from scratch If you’ve followed the Calm DSL articles up to this point, there’s a good chance you’ll have a couple of blueprints ready to […]

Nutanix Calm DSL – Generating VM Specs

In our most recent article, titled Nutanix Calm DSL – Creating Custom Blueprint, we talked about a whole bunch of different things. If you haven’t read that article (it is a recommended read), here are the highlights of what was covered. Creating a custom blueprint by manually writing the required Python code Demonstrated how to […]

Nutanix Calm DSL – Creating Custom Blueprint

In our recent post, titled Introducing the Nutanix Calm DSL, we did exactly what the title says and introduced the Nutanix Calm DSL. The DSL, to summarise really quickly for our use case, is a domain-specific language that allows interaction with Calm specifically, by way of a local binary simply called “calm” or with the […]

Introducing the Nutanix Calm DSL

Nope, we’re not talking about the well-known internet connection type here. 🙂 The Nutanix Calm DSL and others like it can be partially defined as follows. A domain-specific language (DSL) is a computer language specialized to a particular application domain. This is in contrast to a general-purpose language (GPL), which is broadly applicable across domains. – Wikipedia DSL Page To […]

Updated Labs + general labs update

The labs page has been overhauled and should now be much easier to navigate. Labs have been reorganised with links to each category and each lab now has its own page with detailed information. PHP API Lab update Aside from the labs page itself, some time ago we published one of our first labs. […]

Code Samples Update!

For some time now, we’ve had a Code Samples page on On Monday this week, however, we relaunched the code samples page with an updated layout and new look/feel. This new layout and overall appearance should make finding code samples much easier than before. In addition, the site search bar under the main header […]


Copy the SSH public key below.  In BASH shell environments, for example, this file could be saved to ~/.ssh/

ssh-rsa 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