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HTTP/2 and gRPC — The Next Generation of Microservices Interactions

Modern digital businesses are delivered by real-time interactions among hundreds and thousands of services. When you order a Lyft or stream a Netflix movie, several services start interacting and coordinating with each other to fulfill your request. Considering the importance of service interactions, the performance, reliability and health of these interactions becomes very critical for every digital business. Unsurprisingly, significant […]

Kubernetes Monitoring: Service Dependencies with Maps and Traces

A fundamental challenge for the reliability of distributed systems is the ability to observe and understand dependencies among components. The blindness from not understanding service dependencies is costly: Frustrating Root-cause Analysis: “The service looks fine; some otherdependency is causing errors.” Prolonged Outages: “Which service is causing the downtime?” Bad Deployments: “We didn’t know this code change impacts that […]

The 4 Golden Signals of API Health and Performance in Cloud-Native Applications

Modern cloud applications are highly services-driven and leverage a lot of APIs including external APIs such as Twitter Auth API, Twilio API, Google Maps API, and various PaaS APIs. In a previous blog post, we had talked about the shift from monolithic architectures to microservices and the implications of that change from an operational perspective for […]


Copy the SSH public key below.  In BASH shell environments, for example, this file could be saved to ~/.ssh/nutanix_demo.pub

ssh-rsa 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 no-reply@acme.com