Send Multiple Requests as Batch

June 18, 2020

by Chris Rasmussen

Intended Audience Level: Beginner/Intro

Code Sample Type: Snippet

Nutanix Technologies: Prism Central

Minimum Product Version: 5.15

Script/Code Language: JSON Payload

REST API Sample? Yes

REST API Version: v3

JSON payload to create a CentOS 7 disk image from the publicly available CentOS 7 Cloud Image.

Code Sample Details

Note this section may be empty, if additional code sample details are not available.

Request Parameters

The below parameters should be used with the sample payload.

Please note you will need to alter {{placeholder}} values to match your environment, e.g. subnet name and UUID, cluster name and UUID.

Request URL:


Request method:



    "spec": {
        "name": "CentOS Cloud Image from",
        "resources": {
            "image_type": "DISK_IMAGE",
            "source_uri": ""
        "description": "Image created from CentOS cloud imaged, hosted on"
    "api_version": "3.1.0",
    "metadata": {
        "kind": "image",
        "categories": {},
        "name": "CentOS Cloud Image from"

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