Nutanix Calm Intro Lab

Publication date:

February 13, 2020

Lab Author:

Chris Rasmussen

Difficulty Level (1-5):


Intended Audience:


Nutanix Technologies:



Estimated time to complete: 60-90 minutes

– An existing or Nutanix-hosted cluster with access to Prism Central and Prism Element.
– The cluster must have an active internet connection.

Optional requirements:

– Your own SSH private and public key pair. A key pair is provided in the lab guide, for those without access to an existing key pair.


Please note: This lab has been deprecated and is available here for legacy reference only. Some UI elements will be different between this lab and the current version of Nutanix Calm.

Learn how deploy a complete, multi-VM application from scratch by going from an empty blueprint to a complete functioning application.

Lab Details

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