*NEW!* PHP 7.4 + Laravel 8 API Lab

Publication date:

April 6, 2021

Lab Author:

Chris Rasmussen

Difficulty Level (1-5):


Intended Audience:


Nutanix Technologies:

Prism Central


Estimated time to complete: 60-90 minutes

A PC, laptop or VM running Linux, Mac or Windows.

– Cluster running AOS 5.18 or later
– Prism Central 5.18 or later deployed and connected to the above cluster
– Internet connection from the cluster (for downloading images)
– PHP >=7.4.0

In addition, an Internet connection will be required to download, install and configure software packages.


In this lab we’ll go through how to create a customised Prism Central dashboard using PHP 7.4 and Laravel 8.

This is a 2021 update of the previous v2 version of this lab, with significant updates to the Laravel version, model and controller structure and use of Prism Central (vs Prism Element).

Lab Details

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