Send Alert Details to Slack/Email/MSTeams

September 12, 2021

by Sarah Hernandez

Prism Central Export Version: pc.2021.7

Allows you to send any alert details to Slack, email or MS Teams.

Playbook Usage Instructions

– Import the playbook
– Update the trigger filter criteria to match only the alerts you care about
– Configure the Slack/email/or MS Teams actions to adjust the message
– Add in tokens/webhooks/email addresses
– Remove any actions you might not want to use in the workflow
– Save and Enable


Additional Notes

Additional notes have not been provided for this playbook.

Be sure to note the Prism Central version the Playbook was exported from. This is important because Playbooks cannot be imported to an older version of PC than they were exported from. For example, a Playbook from a pc.2021.1 version cannot be imported into a PC on pc.2020.11 version for compatibility reasons.