Send Message on VM Creation

May 25, 2022

by Laura Jordana

Prism Central Export Version: pc.2022.4

Send a detailed Slack message when a VM is created.

Playbook Usage Instructions

This playbook sends a Slack message with detailed information including user and VM details. Please click on Download Playbook to view the full README.


Additional Notes

This playbook is set up to trigger on the VM Created event and send a detailed message to a Slack channel. It can easily be modified to send a message to Microsoft Teams instead.

Be sure to note the Prism Central version the Playbook was exported from. This is important because Playbooks cannot be imported to an older version of PC than they were exported from. For example, a Playbook from a pc.2021.1 version cannot be imported into a PC on pc.2020.11 version for compatibility reasons.