Welcome to the Prism API Quiz!  There’s a lot of API-related information on, nearly all of it being very useful when using the Nutanix REST APIs.

We know some people like to test themselves as well as test their own knowledge, so here’s your chance!  Have a go at the questions below and see how well YOU know the Nutanix Prism REST APIs!

Welcome to your Prism API Quiz

1. How many major GA API versions are available in PRISM CENTRAL today?
2. Which version described the pre-v2.0 tech-preview PRISM ELEMENT APIs?
3. What is a good way to describe the v2.0 PRISM ELEMENT APIs?
4. Which HTTPS port would you use to access both the PRISM ELEMENT and PRISM CENTRAL APIs?
5. How does the Nutanix API documentation describe one aspect of the v3 PRISM CENTRAL APIs?
6. In the v3 PRISM CENTRAL APIs, which HTTP method is currently used to list all VMs?
7. Is a JSON payload required when listing entities in the v3 PRISM CENTRAL APIs?
8. When using the v3 PRISM CENTRAL APIs, which of the following JSON payloads is correct for listing all VMs?
9. Ignoring tech-preview, legacy and non-GA APIs, select the answer representing which API versions are available in PRISM ELEMENT
10. Which URI below represents a valid PRISM ELEMENT API v2.0 request to list all VMs?

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