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Foundation is a Nutanix provided tool leveraged for bootstrapping, imaging and deployment of Nutanix clusters. The imaging process will install the desired version of the AOS software as well as the hypervisor of your choice. One of the ways to use Foundation services is to make use of the APIs provided by foundation.

Foundation provides seven categories of APIs, namely, General APIs, File Management APIs, Networking APIs, Imaging and Cluster Creation APIs, UCS Managed Mode APIs, Foundation Upgrade APIs and Factory APIs.

However, most of these APIs find their use in internal scenarios. Some APIs that find most relevance in the customer scenario are image_nodes, pre_check, reboot_to_phoenix, reboot_from_phoenix, progress, phoenix_network_status, abort_session, get_progress_sessions among others.

  • Foundation Version: 5.0


Some of the acronyms frequently used in the API descriptions are listed below:

  • FVM - Foundation Virtual Machine, A VM which has foundation service running on it.
  • BMC - Baseboard management controller.
  • IPMI - Intelligent Platform Management Interface.

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