Nutanix Reaches Out to Developers with EA Support for Amazon EKS Anywhere - Nutanix Reaches Out to Developers with EA Support for Amazon EKS Anywhere

Nutanix is deeply committed to customer choice. For years we have supported multiple choices of HCI hardware platforms, multiple hypervisors, and increasingly multiple choices of Kubernetes® runtime solution providers. Our robust, industry-leading HCI and AOS platform provides a highly flexible hybrid infrastructure choice very well suited to modern dynamic application environments. Customers see a great fit for Kubernetes with Nutanix built-in data services for persistent applications, and a full-featured data fabric plus virtualization software stack from top to bottom.

Today we’re happy to share at KubeCon Europe in Valencia, Spain, that Nutanix and Amazon are bringing additional Kubernetes solution choices to Nutanix customers with support for Amazon EKS Anywhere on Nutanix AHV. Amazon EKS Anywhere gives customers the ability to run Kubernetes clusters in their datacenters, and it leverages Cluster API, a Kubernetes sub-project focused on providing declarative APIs and tooling to simplify provisioning, upgrading, and operating Kubernetes clusters.

Nutanix Cluster API

Cloud Native technologies are gaining ever increasing momentum in modern datacenters. The majority of these new applications are being built in microservices and orchestrated by Kubernetes. Nutanix is ensuring we continue support for Kubernetes and next generation applications, and recently launched an open source Cluster API Provider to quickly build highly available Kubernetes clusters in an infrastructure-as-code manner. The Cluster API Provider enables us to add support for the Amazon EKS Anywhere solution on Nutanix HCI.

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