AUTOMATE EVERYTHING: Nutanix Calm API Docs Are Live!
You could be forgiven for thinking … “Dang, that’s a seriously long blog post title!” You’d be right, and there’s a good reason for it. It’s true to say that Nutanix has always had an extremely strong focus on simplification and friction removal. One of the slogans/taglines that’s been used extensively over the years is &hell...
YOU SHALL NOT PASS! How to build HTTP authentication headers
Working with the Nutanix REST APIs will require authentication. The reasons for this are simple and exactly as you’d expect. The information and actions exposed by the APIs will contain and give access to things you don’t want falling into the wrong hands. Admittedly, that’s a pretty obvious thing to say, right? What it means, … Continued
New Advanced Lab! Python HTML Report Generator
When speaking with customers and partners, particularly those teams tasked with monitoring various systems, the following question comes up: Can I use the Nutanix APIs to monitor my clusters?– Mrs Jane Customer The answer, as you’d expect, is YES! Of course you can. However, there is a large list of scripting technologies and programming languages … Cont...
101 Setup – Preparing for Labs
The Nutanix Developer portal, simply known as, contains a collection of resources covering various developer topics. For example (each link will open in a new window/tab): Code samplesLabsBlog articlesAPI documentation However, many of our readers are new to development, APIs, code creation and the almost infinite amount of information related to these subjects...
Launch a Nutanix Calm blueprint via API – Part 2
A couple of days ago I published a quick article entitled Launch a Nutanix Calm blueprint with API – Part 1. That article covered, as suggested by the excessively descriptive (:-)) title, how to use the Nutanix v3 APIs to launch a Nutanix Calm blueprint. In that article, I also said the article would be … Continued
Nutanix Developer Portal – URL and design change
Since October 2016, the Nutanix Developer Portal has always lived at Today we are happy to announce the new home and name for the portal … This change in URL will be transparent to you, our valuable customers and users. All existing links and bookmarks should redirect to their new homes on … Continued
Launch a Nutanix Calm blueprint via API – Part 1
Over the past few weeks and months a number of code samples have been added to the Nutanix Developer portal. Some of the languages they cover are as follows. PythonPowerShellC#Bash scripting At the time of writing this article, July 22nd 2019, the code samples include various actions. For example: Listing entities such as virtual machinesCreating … Continued
The Evolving Role of DevOps
DevOps is taking over, one team at a time. As the technological world has evolved, so has the need to transform businesses to bridge the gap in development and operations. During this transitional, transformational phase, it is critical that we consider all sides of the DevOps discussion by not only talking about it but by … Continued