*NEW!* Nutanix Calm DSL Lab v1.0

September 1, 2020

Chris Rasmussen

Intended Audience Level: Intermediate

Nutanix Technologies: Calm

This lab is intended as a learning foundation for the Nutanix Calm DSL. Once an Ubuntu 20.04 has been provisioned (outside the lab), the content will walk through:

  • Configuration of the VM to run Docker
  • Installation and usage of the Nutanix Calm DSL Docker container
  • Generation of sample blueprints
  • Project management
  • Detailed explanations of how a Nutanix Calm DSL blueprint is architected
  • Walk-through creating a complete blueprint from scratch

Please be aware that due to the advanced nature of this lab and the number of deployment choices available, the content does not cover the deployment of an Ubuntu 20.04 virtual machine.

Lab Details

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