Send Alerts to PagerDuty

September 2, 2021

by Harkirat Randhawa

Prism Central Export Version: pc.2021.1

Forward along alerts and their details to PagerDuty

Playbook Usage Instructions

Import the playbook
Update the trigger filter criteria to match only the alerts you care about.
Configure the REST API action to fill in the missing values.
You will need the routing key in the Body and Request Headers field to replace anywhere it says to
Replace the field in the body with your PC IP address
Save and Enable


Additional Notes

This video is a great example of using this Playbook

Be sure to note the Prism Central version the Playbook was exported from. This is important because Playbooks cannot be imported to an older version of PC than they were exported from. For example, a Playbook from a pc.2021.1 version cannot be imported into a PC on pc.2020.11 version for compatibility reasons.