Nutanix Karbon is a curated turnkey offering that provides simplified provisioning and operations of Kubernetes clusters. Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration system for deploying and managing container-based applications.

Karbon uses the CentOS Linux-based operating systems for Karbon-enabled Kubernetes cluster creation. Linux containers provide the flexibility to deploy applications in different environments with consistent results.

Karbon streamlines the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters with a simple GUI integrated into Prism Central (PC). Kibana, the built-in add-on, lets you filter and parse logs for systems, pods, and nodes. Prometheus, another add-on, provides a monitoring mechanism that triggers alerts on your cluster. Karbon also uses Pulse, Prism’s health-monitoring system, which interacts with Nutanix Support to expedite cluster issue resolutions.

For more information on Karbon and its offerings, refer to Karbon Documentation.