PHP 7 + Laravel 6 API Lab

Publication date:

February 16, 2020

Lab Author:

Chris Rasmussen

Difficulty Level (1-5):


Intended Audience:


Nutanix Technologies:

Prism Central


Estimated time to complete: 60-90 minutes

A PC, laptop or VM running Linux, Mac or Windows.

– Cluster running AOS 5.11 or later
– Internet connection from the cluster (for downloading images)
– Connection to Prism Central 5.11 or later
– PHP >=7.2.0

In addition, an Internet connection will be required to download, install and configure software packages.


Note: This lab is now deprecated and is available for legacy reasons only; all users should now follow the PHP 7.4 and Laravel 8 version of this lab, published in April 2021.

In this lab we’ll go through how to create a customised Prism Central dashboard using PHP 7 and Laravel 6.

This is an update of the older v1 PHP API Lab; the old lab can still be used but we now recommend following this lab instead.

Lab Details

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